About IIHT

About IIHT

IIHT, established in the year 1993 is a leading IT training provider of Asia. We specialize in providing training services on hardware, networking, database management, security and storage management. We teach students and train them for IT profession. Also, we help re-skilling IT professionals for better job performance. We have catered our training services to some of the renowned Fortune 500 companies.

Who We Are

IIHT is amongst Asia's top IT training organizations. It was started in the year 1993 and IIHT's business has grown at 40% CAGR year after year since then. IIHT has been successful in carving its goodwill in the industry. As a result, even renowned Fortune 100 organizations rely on IIHT for catering to their manpower requirements.

The goodwill is because the students are taught the latest technology advancements in the industry. This is coupled with hands-on lab sessions where in the students are faced with simulations of live situations that may arise on a day to day level in organizations. This equips the students to proactively respond to situations and implement the best possible solution befitting the situation.

IIHT has partnered with organizations like Microsoft, Red Hat, CompTIA, SMU, Prometric and others. IIHT's students include those studying 10th or 12th standard or are pursuing/completed graduation, as well as Corporates. IIHT has over 300 centres in India and presence in more than 15 countries worldwide.

Over the years, IIHT has mastered the training delivery process and the trainers are internationally certified. They travel across the globe in the quest for learning about the latest advancements in technology or to get a hands-on experience on the upgrade in an existing technology. This ensures that the knowledge dissemination is optimised.

IIHT Vision

Our Vision

To provide high quality IT training services at an international level reaching out to global audience. Empower with skills to remove insecurity and instil confidence among the youth envisions seeing a world of competence, skills and prosperity through meaningful training and learning vision to see a world free from unemployment and ensure fruitful engagement.


Our Mission

Our aim is to provide skilled manpower in the areas of hardware, networking, database management, security and storage management along with introducing students and professionals with the latest technology in IT industry. To offer world-class IT education with cutting edge technology infrastructure across the globe and to foster a million IT IMS professional in next 3 years.

IIHT Mission