Friday, July 26, 2013

An educational institute could be more than just a business opportunity. Growing need for skilled youth is in the order of the day. Challenges of skill deficiency, if left unaddressed, will curtail competitiveness of any economy. To nurture the knowledge economy is to invest in knowledge institutes that empowers the youth of the nations and nurture the skills and knowledge of the youth.

Learning by curiosity, experimenting hands on and knowing by query are the essential facets of education, absence of which has led to chaotic education and employment platform today. When an institute offers learning solutions that caters to these needs, it is doing much more than just business.

“Nearly 50% of the world’s 3Billion workforce does not have adequate job skills...
" (Global Employment Trends 2011, ILO)

An education franchise business career at IIHT Technologies will let you shape lives of the individuals who are to lead the world today and make it a better place for tomorrow. IIHT equips its business partners with needed skills and resources to aid to create insights into the technologies of the century. Education in technology is volatile and IIHT provides the best of solutions to this situation with well designed curriculums and easy to upgrade courseware. With resources like IIHT owned data centre, its business partner enjoys, being the most competitive educational institute in the industry in any nation in the field of IT IMS.

“Economic success is increasingly based on the effective utilization of intangible assets, such as knowledge, skills, and innovative potential as the key resource for competitive advantage.” ESRC, USA

A partner of IIHT Technologies in its education franchise business gets not only an opportunity to be a successful entrepreneur and have a great return on investment, but also paves way for the partner to be a thought leader who could train the next generation IT scions in their respective nation.

Join IIHT in a movement to bridge the skill gaps and enable the youth to find pathway from education to employment!