Thursday, August 29, 2013

Desire, commitment and a few easy steps can earn you one of the fast growing franchise businesses in education sector of 2013. IIHT Technologies is a pioneer in numerous courses in technologies: Cloud, Big Data, IT Security, Infrastructure Management, Virtualization to name a few. Due to such remarkable courses, the institution has been in high demand among students seeking career in IT across globe. IIHT Technologies is not only a leading education and training institution in IT and IMS in Asia and Africa but also, students from all over the world enroll in courses offered by many franchises and move to the nations to pursue education.

The highly reputed IIHT Technologies is thus one of the most sought after franchises in education and training sector. Be it franchise business in Malaysia or franchise business in Nigeria, franchisees are highly satisfied with their investment as they see high rate of return and its increasing trend.

Few of the following steps will help in building partnership with IIHT Technologies:

Fill the Application Form

Once the application is reviewed post consideration of various parameters the IIHT Technologies Franchise Selection Committee (IFSC) will shortlist and validate the same.

An intimation mail is sent to the email on the application form which confirms selection and sends a well scrutinized feasibility report, franchise manual, Layout strategy and a business proposition.

Once acknowledge from the applicant is received on the receipt of the intimation mail, a representative will further discussions and invite the applicant to the Corporate Head Quarters in Bangalore, India.

During the visit, an intensive meet will take place with the participants such as senior decision makers of IIHT Technologies.

As a prospective partner, applicant will be part of extensive exposure to business at IIHT Technologies with presentations on business proposition and support system by various verticals of IIHT Technologies.

By end of the visit the two parties will reach consensus on various subject matter and enter into an agreement.

With no delay, a duly signed franchise certificate will be delivered to the new-partner. With this all the franchise activities start and IIHT Technologies will be continuously guiding and supporting its partners.

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