Monday, September 23, 2013

Hands-on learning is gaining popularity in adult learning in the recent past due to various benefits it has to offer. Just like the way a potential of a child is better realised with hands-on, adults too could unleash their potential through experiential learning.
Hands-on-Learning has various interpretations, what it majorly implies is the access to the materials of the subject matter being learnt, which enables inquisitive learning and learning by curiosity. It eliminates the rote based & text book learning that has minimal level of conceptualisation.

IIHT Hands on Learning

In technology learning, the best way to educate and train minds is through enabling learning by doing. It is essential to actually work on the technology to conceptualise and internalise technology. Learning has to be an interactive activity where the students actually perform tasks manually. Such education and training are termed as learning in enabled environment. Be it Software or Hardware, technologies are concepts that are better understood and perfected by practise hands-on.
Many studies have shown how students from kinaesthetic learning environment perform much better than their counterparts, due to the better internalisation of the concepts. IIHT has for long professed Hands-on Learning in all of its deliverables in education and training verticals. At IIHT Technologies, students learn hands-on on all platforms. IIHT Owned Cloud for example, allows its students from across the world to learn hands-on accessing its Cloud, making learning real-time and interesting. IIHT Technologies has effectively adopted Blooms Taxonomy in creating its learning environment and ADDIE approach to design it learning materials, read more
Hands-on learning is imperative especially in technologies for both young and adult learners. Theoretical approach and rote based learning will not lead to effective conceptualisation. Hence hands-on learning has to be adopted by all institutes delivering services in education and training.