Saturday, December 7, 2013

Big data is actually a collection of structured and unstructured data sets in the digital world and is very large. And due to its size it is not easy to manage for purpose of analyzing and extracting the relevant information out of it which will be very useful for organizations, big or small.
In recent years Big Data has already become a ubiquitous term as it transforms almost every industry be it science, engineering, medicine or healthcare. So here are some predictions for the growth of Big Data in 2014 by Analysts across the globe. It is forecasted that the Big data Technologies as well as Services will grow by 30% in the coming year, hence surpassing $14 Billion. This is all because Big Data Analytics skills have continued to outstrip supply. So, now the focus will be on developing “data optimized cloud platform” which will be capable of leveraging the high volumes of data or rather real time data streams. One more major focus of the Big Data Industry will be to understand security threat which is critical for businesses in 2014. Enterprise Organizations should look to big data analytics in order to battle these increasing threats, according to Ovum, an analyst firm.
A survey conducted by American Express and CFO Research found that “CFOs recognize the value of data, with 92% stating that their organizations need to leverage company data over the next 12 months, and over half believe big data will give their companies a competitive advantage.

” Here are some major Big Data trends to be observed in 2014:
Analytic data platforms will be adding multiple personalities.
Emerging Big Data enterprise application market.
NoSQL life beyond Hadoop.
Predominance of Data Tiering in realtime data platforms.

Big Data Jobs in 2015:
In 2015, the estimated Big Data Market is $16.5 Billion and thereby increasing the job openings to 4.4 Million with the annual salary of $10000 for a fresher. Harvard has already declared Big Data as the hottest job in 21st Century.

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Thus, the Tech spends are certainly going to increase in the coming year of 2014 as executives explore Big Data.