Saturday, August 10, 2013

IIHT Technologies has over the years developed one of the most successful education ecosystems that has made it one among the best in the IT education industry, one of the favored franchises in the industry and the most recommended by its service users – The Students.

The key factors that makes it the best educational franchise in the world is the creative and rich learning experience that it gives to its clientele. The franchisees are given the most effective mode of technology learning system. IIHT Technologies adopts a holistic IT learning approach that is based on Bloom’s Taxonomy, Blended Learning Philosophy and the ADDIE approach for instructional design.

Blooms Taxonomy advocates against the rote based learning, by promoting cognitive, affective and psychomotor learning. It lies greater emphasis on learning by curiosity and exploration. IIHT Technologies similarly enables learning as an excercise that is built by layers of learning experience. Once introduced to a concept, students comprehend through analysis, synthesis and evaluation.

Franchise Education Ecosystem IIHT

The IIHT Blended Learning Philosophy is a few improvised version of the blended learning that is commonly known. It is a unique multi dimensional learning experience that takes into consideration every avenue that a student could possibly gain from, ensuring effective conceptualization and internalization. It covers

  • Instructor Based Learning
  • Hands On Learning
  • Computer & Web Based Training
  • Scenario Based Training
  • Mentor Engagement
  • Peer Learning
  • Assessment and Feedback

Education in IIHT

ADDIE Model encompasses creation of learning materials that ensures in-depth analysis, structured development of content, designing of materials and content in the most simplistic manner that enables effective learning and implementation of the same in all courseware and timely evaluation through feedback method. All the learning materials are under continuous assessment for its viability and effectiveness. Content development and design is a result of scientific and structured approach.

Best Franchise

Unique approach to learning experience in IT training sector for the youth aspiring career in IT and IT professionals has made IIHT Technologies the best educational franchise in the world. Any market it has entered until now, the business partners (Franchisees) have enjoyed growth and great return on investment. The company has grown exponentially and franchises are entering new markets and expanding in existing ones every day.