Tuesday, May 6, 2014

IIHT is the most reputed institute not only in Asia but also in Africa. Survey on IIHT Technologies Reviews was conducted recently in Africa, covering randomly: students, employers, IIHT faculty and employees at IIHT centres in ten locations. The anonymous responses showed that IIHT technologies were favoured by over 90% of the respondents. 88 % of respondents said that there was an excellent increase in employability of individuals. 94% said IIHT had better courseware and skill based learning compared to other institutes in their locality. 72% of respondents felt that there is a need for more centres in Africa especially in the universities.

IIHT Technologies Reviews survey also revealed that 80%-100% would prefer upgradation of courses only at IIHT as technology develops. Other interviews with franchise owners also reveal that they had been successful in training estimated number of students in almost every batch till date and some of them also recovered investment in a period shorter than predicted. Some of the centres, of course are facing real-time hurdles; however they have been happy with the support they had been getting from the franchisor.

IIHT entered global market in early 2000s and has been spreading its wings across Asia, Middle East and Africa. It has ambitious goal of entering education sectors across the globe in developed and developing nations alike in near future.