Thursday, July 18, 2013

IIHT Technologies is currently working with UNDP, Government of India and its partner IKnowTech in Mozambique to build a generation of skilled IT (Information Technology) professionals at various levels. The project was initiated in 2012 and is effectively running for nearly a year.

The program was an offshoot of a massive project undertaken by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Mozambique in partnership with UNDP. The project envisions a technologically developed Mozambique with adequate infrastructure to become a competitive nation among African countries.

This partnership has helped IIHT in reaching out to marginalized youth of Mozambique. The subsidized fees are paid up by the UNDP project. 250 young adults have enrolled into various courses in IT and IMS (Information Management Services).

One of the major purposes of this project is to man the Science and Technology Park in Maluana, Mozambique. There is an acute shortage of the number of skilled IT workforce at levels such as administration, database management, infrastructure management and hardware maintenance. The students who have completed their secondary education or have graduated recently are eligible for these courses.

To ensure sustainability and success of the project IIHT Technologies has approached Microsoft and RedHat. The learning materials were also offered to IIHT at subsidized rates by RedHat. With such alliances IIHT is offering enduring courses that are customized as per the requirement of the youth of Mozambique. The courses proffer international recognition and certification. The initial batches are close to completion and the inauguration of the tech park as well is due in 2013. In association with IKnowTech, IIHT will continue to train and place the youth of Mozambique, increasing their opportunities.

IIHT Philosophy
IIHT envisions a future of enabled youth with skills and a world that is free from unemployment. World equipped with skills, competence and prosperity aided by meaningful training and learning.