Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Karnataka is located in South India and runs a very effective police department. Karnataka State Government Police Department had over years depended on paper for case files. As the population, especially in capital city like Bangalore, started increasing, so did the cases lodged with police across the state. Maintaining a well-developed database had become imperative for the Department. Once establishing a database management system, the department needed immediate solution for training their personnel. The police department, for this purpose, decided to seek expertise of Indian Institute of Hardware and Technology (IIHT).

IIHT - Karnataka State Government
Being among the world’s leading IT Infrastructure Management Services training company IIHT has always excelled with its experience and quality. Training delivery being the major focus, IIHT also caters to the need of documentation and e-learning content development services. A dedicated team of experienced writers and designers are involved in the process which inculcates sound instructional design skills.

One of such esteemed content development services were procured from IIHT by Karnataka State Government Police Department. IIHT was honored to do the state government project that involved training the police personnel on the database architecture application introduced to the system in order to maintain their case databases.

An exclusive software application for the state government of police was created by Wipro Technologies which helped them manage all of their day to day activities at different levels and forums. This was designed for independent usage of police force in order to save resources such as manpower, cost and simultaneously ensure confidentiality of the information.

The modus operandi of IIHT was to train the police personnel on how to use this application. IIHT was consulted to prepare simple e-learning training materials which eliminate the time and effort of classroom training sessions. This was also rightly judged to be cost effective and more progressive learning methodology.

Franchise Policy IIHT

The Police-IT E-Learning Material
The e-learning material was developed as a software simulation with voice based explanation. This was developed in both Kannada (the local language of Karnataka) as well as in English languages. The e-learning material development included the following modules:

IT Training Franchise IIHT india

All the modules indicated, are of different streams related to the police department. Crime module includes the crime related documentations. For example: from case generation to case retirement, all the information at various levels can be documented in the application. IIHT described how to do this documentation. Similarly, the other modules such as Law & Order which includes the information on the various acts and laws of the government, Traffic, which includes the information on area wise traffic reports and updates. Armed Reserve, which includes the information related to army and finally Motor Transport, which includes information on the area wise accidents, transportation and the like.

How did it help Karnataka State Police Department?
The police department of Karnataka was content with the learning experience with IIHT. The material helped them in the following ways:

Cost Effective : Saved the repetitive classroom sessions across the centers.
Simplified : The technical aspects of the computer for a common police person was difficult to comprehend. This was effectively simplified and was learnt with ease.
Process Oriented : The step-by step explanation which followed their regular process help them internalize the concept faster.
Localization : Explanation of the product in regional language helped them relate to the same and they were satisfied by this.