Monday, September 16, 2013

There has been a huge disconnect observed in recent times among educators and employers. This has resulted in college graduates demonstrating reduced preparedness for the job environment. Skill gap has resulted in a well known paradox of countries being rocked with unemployment and companies facing concerns with unfilled positions.

With increased connectivity between countries, individuals are working from any part of the world for employers from any location as there are no geographical boundaries for same. The way competition among talent exits has changed. The real issue is not that the jobs getting are outsourced or countries are facing brain drain, the issue is how to manage this situation. With growth in the information and technology, world has become everyone’s oyster and this is a change that has to be accepted and youth are to be empowered with best resources. Even with the world getting well connected there is still huge skill gap in the world today.

39 percent people under the age of 25 years are said to be unemployed or underemployed.
49 percent of employers struggled to fill jobs in 2012, According to a study by Manpower Group Inc.
While 72 Percent of educational institutes believe that graduates are job ready, only 42 Percent agree with same. A study by McKinsey states.

Raditional universities and colleges were never designed to be flexible to fast changing market. Even though institutions argue on traditional ways and being full-fledged, there is hardly any connection between current employers, businesses and the university learning. Education and training that needs highest priority in the current scenario is not available and hence players like IIHT Technologies are essential in the market that provides bridging courses to the youth in the sector of IT IMS.

The other player who can minimise the negative impact of skill gap is employers themselves. By creating IT apprenticeship and paid internship they could enhance skills of the youth and make them job ready. Apprenticeship is well spoken about but until, it gains popularity among employers. Institutes that are committed to skill building and enhancing intellects of individuals are quintessential. (Read More on education and employment gap- link)