IIHT Technologies Reviews

IIHT is the most reputed institute not only in Asia but also in Africa. Survey on IIHT Technologies Reviews was conducted recently in Africa, covering randomly: students, employers, IIHT faculty and employees at IIHT centres in ten locations. The anonymous responses showed that IIHT technologies were favoured by over 90% of the respondents. 88 % of respondents said that there was an excellent increase in employability of individuals. 94% said IIHT had better courseware and skill based learning compared to other institutes in their locality.

When You Have A Franchise Business To Start,Essential To Know

A franchise is a unit sold to an individual or a group, wherein the buyer/franchisee purchases authority to market and sell product or services of the selling-company/franchisor within a predefined territory.

It is essential for a buyer to know what he is exactly purchasing and under what terms and conditions. As a buyer you need to know, how a franchise is operated? What are the cost and frequency of periodical fees? More importantly, what will your roles and responsibilities be as a franchisee?

Analyzing The Franchise Business Cost

Every franchise is different in its products and services and hence the cost of them vary depending on diverge factors. Buying into a franchise has to be a conscious decision that is taken after thorough analysis. It is necessary to know the basics of franchise business cost. Exploring what are the various costs involved, how fees are charged and what is the contribution distributed among franchises for shared services by the franchisor.

‘Throwing light on’ - the Franchise Business Advantages and Disadvantages

Franchise business offers many benefits over other start-ups; however, it also comes with its own drawbacks. As an investor, to know about the nitty-gritty of the franchise business before hand and being prepared is fundamental. The blog introduces you to the basic Franchise Business Advantages and Disadvantages that you ought to know before buying a franchise.


IIHT partners with TATA STEEL in Jamshedpur

IIHT partners with TATA STEEL in Jamshedpur in its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities.

Hardware and Networking Programme was launched by Tata Steel in May, as part of their CSR activity, in collaboration with Indian Institute of Hardware and Technology. IIHT has honoured this collaboration to bring skilled training in Hardware and Networking for 120 students (a total of 17 girls and103 boys). The students come from poor and marginal families, belonging to villages that come under the project area of Tata Steel CSR.

Finding difficulty in choosing?? ‘Franchise vs Own Business’

It takes lot of considerations before one decides to start with a business and to decide what kind of business to adopt, buy a franchise or start with own business is one of the most important decision an individual takes to realise his or her entrepreneurial dreams.

Franchise vs Own business is probably one of the mostly contemplated matter in the initial phase of brainstorming. Entrepreneurial qualities needed in either are quite similar however at different degrees.

IIHT Technologies works with UNDP to bridge skill gap

IIHT Technologies is currently working with UNDP, Government of India and its partner IKnowTech in Mozambique to build a generation of skilled IT (Information Technology) professionals at various levels. The project was initiated in 2012 and is effectively running for nearly a year.

The program was an offshoot of a massive project undertaken by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Mozambique in partnership with UNDP. The project envisions a technologically developed Mozambique with adequate infrastructure to become a competitive nation among African countries.

A brilliant opportunity that’s knocking your door!!!

An educational institute could be more than just a business opportunity. Growing need for skilled youth is in the order of the day. Challenges of skill deficiency, if left unaddressed, will curtail competitiveness of any economy. To nurture the knowledge economy is to invest in knowledge institutes that empowers the youth of the nations and nurture the skills and knowledge of the youth.


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