IT Training Courses

Building a new generation IT professionals is at the heart of the institution. Driven by a goal to empower youth by offering courses that bridges skill gaps and makes youth focus on beyond employment has been the key to designing the courseware at IIHT Technologies. Our education and training focus on empowering undergraduates, graduates and professionals worldwide with skills and knowledge that could impact lives, enterprises and economies in the most positive way.

Buying an IIHT Technologies Franchise!!!

Desire, commitment and a few easy steps can earn you one of the fast growing franchise businesses in education sector of 2013. IIHT Technologies is a pioneer in numerous courses in technologies: Cloud, Big Data, IT Security, Infrastructure Management, Virtualization to name a few. Due to such remarkable courses, the institution has been in high demand among students seeking career in IT across globe.

Hands-on Learning, a must for Technology Learning!

Hands-on learning is gaining popularity in adult learning in the recent past due to various benefits it has to offer. Just like the way a potential of a child is better realised with hands-on, adults too could unleash their potential through experiential learning.
Hands-on-Learning has various interpretations, what it majorly implies is the access to the materials of the subject matter being learnt, which enables inquisitive learning and learning by curiosity. It eliminates the rote based & text book learning that has minimal level of conceptualisation.

Building Strategic Cooperation Alliances in China!!!

IIHT Technologies, China reaps benefits of its long time dedication in skill building among the Chinese youth and IT professionals through well structured and quality education and training in IT IMS domain. As a testimonial to its immense success in building new generation workforce in the cutting edge technologies of today, IIHT Technologies, China has signed agreements on various accounts of expansion with Linyi University, Linyi and Liaocheng University, Shandong Province, China. Rendezvous and series of meetings among the heads and N.

Big Data could give you a Big Career with a Big Pay Check!!!

IIHT Technologies provides individual and enterprise learning solution in Big Data. It is available in both skill segment, where in individuals can enroll for short term courses and gain expertise in individual skills such as Big Data Administrator, Big Data Hadoop Programmer, Big Data Analyst or Scientist. And individuals also have options to enroll in IIHT Technologies’ academic courses such as MSc IT IMS and MBA IT which includes studies in Big Data and other leading technologies. IIHT Technologies has partnered, in this feat, with Cloudera.


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