Software Products from IIHT

IIHT is promoting world class, feature rich, software products at competitive rates & Turn key IMS Projects & services across the world, and is appointing Franchise Partners for Sales, Support & Marketing these products and Services across the world.

Partial list of IIHT’s Software Products Suitable for Multiple Businesses:

1. Hospitals- Hospital Management System
2. ERP - for Small & Medium Enterprises
3. Logistics/Freight Movement
4. Colleges – Campus Management System
5. Contract Management of Agri farms
6. Real Estate Management System
7. Revenue Courts/Civil Courts-Judiciary Management Systems
8. E-Governance: Dashboard for Monitoring Projects/ Funds /Progress
9. Bank: Face Recognition Products
10. Business Analytics: for Large Retail Chains/Supermarkets
11. Robotics Based Practical Understanding of Concepts in School Curriculum for Children
12. Gang Tracking System
13. Fire Arms Licensing System
14. Virtual Reality Solutions for Real Estate Marketing
15. Virtual Reality Solutions for Automobile Interior Customization

IIHT’s Platform Based Business Solutions
ERP for Large Companies, Very Flexible and a Good Alternative for SAP/Oracle /MS ERP
Logistics Operations for Large Import Export Companies
Automobile Dealer Management System
Campus Management System for Colleges
Systems for E-Governance of Projects
Solutions for Defence Department

Face Recognition and Big Data Suite
Forensica GPS
I-School for Campus Management
Dedupes for Identifying Duplicate Applications Using Face Recognition
Analytics SW for Retail Business to Analyse Big Data
iFRI - Face Recognition & Identification for Security
IFIM- Face Identification Using Mobile
IFIV - Face Identification Using Live Video- for Security Purposes

Solutions for Governance
Firearms Licensing Solution
License & Registration Management System
Gang Tracking System
License Management Solution

Robotics Based Solutions for Education
For School Children to Understand the Concepts Practically
For Final Year Projects for Engineering Students
For Practice of Armed Forces

Virtual Reality Software
For Real Estate
For Customised Cars

Online Bus Ticket Booking & Fleet Management Software