IIHT seeks cooperation with University to offer these programs under the frame work of the university so as to jointly offer these courses at the University and colleges in the framework and guidance of the university.

IIHT being an education and services organization fits into this role of developing programs relevant to ICT requirements. Students across the world obtain IT skills as  supplement  to  the university  education  which  in  most  of  the  cases  across  the world  is  found  to  be  inadequate  to  readily  deploy  to  manage  the  services  as mandated  by  the  employers/global  ITSM  standards.  Hence,  it  is  felt  that  an academic program comprising of IIHT’s technology/job specific programs are built to offer as UG and PG programs to the students in developing nations which are ideal destinations to ITES/BP outsourcing industry.